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Law & Order

BonnevilleThe laws and regulations that govern how SEMA members do business have a continuous impact on the way automotive specialty-equipment products are made, distributed and marketed. The charge of the SEMA government affairs office is to stay on top of all relevant state and federal legislation and regulations and advocate for industry positions to ensure the best possible outcome for SEMA’s membership. The following are a few examples of critical legislative/regulatory issues addressed by the SEMA government affairs team over the past year.

Election Day Is Almost Here

From the HillYou don’t have to keep up with the fast-paced and turbulent world of politics to know that there is a presidential election on November 3. President Donald Trump is facing former Vice President Joe Biden in a race to control the White House for the next four years. The president of the United States is the most consequential elected office in America, and the outcome of this race will greatly impact the direction of the country and the lives of its citizens.

Law & Order

Law & OrderSouth Dakota—Collector Car Appreciation Day: The South Dakota State Legislature issued a resolution commemorating Thursday, August 27, as Collector Car Appreciation Day in the state. The resolution was introduced by State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus member Representative Larry Zikmund, pictured here.


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