SEMA eNews Vol. 23, No. 49, December 3, 2020

Featured Products From Platinum SDC Members

By SEMA Editors

The SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) is the largest database of specialty market product information.

Manufacturers whose products are shown here have achieved data excellence status by providing the desired product descriptions, digital assets, vehicle fitment and other sales-related facts to make it easy for retailers, jobbers and WDs to create engaging and informative product listings, giving customers confidence in their buying decision.

Products from these and other brands with rich data will be featured in future SEMA eNews issues.

Triumph TR6

HushMatHushMat’s Triumph TR6 (all years) sound deadening and thermal insulation material is designed to make every type of vehicle cool, quiet and comfortable to drive and enjoy!  HushMat is an easy to install, USA Made material that molds, forms and adheres to your vehicle’s surface.

No tools, glues and or special equipment needed to install HushMat. Simply peel and stick. HushMat has invested thousands of hours over the past 15 years measuring vehicles to create a year-, make- and model-specific portfolio of 365,000 part numbers.

HushMat insulates firewall, floor pan, tunnel, doors, roof and trunk. HushMat even provides installation templates to show where each piece is placed.   

We have taken the guess work out of “how much material do I need.”  

Visit or call 913-599-2600.

Zycoat Coating Services Division

ZycoatZyCoat Coating Services will coat your 8-cylinder stock manifold (part no. 8C001) with ZyBar high-temperature heat dissipation coating that is designed to reduce radiant heat, reduce under hood temperatures, offer outstanding corrosion resistance, provide lasting color stability under the most extreme engine conditions and extend the life of your components.  

ZyBar is rated to internal temperatures well in excess of 2000 F. ZyBar is a single component, durable polymer coating that far out performs ceramic paints, wraps and heat tapes.

ZyCoat LLC has opened a Coating Services Division and will coat components for you. ZyCoat will ship you the “One Stop” box, all shipping is prepaid and return to you coated and cured components—all for one price.

Call our office 913-599-2600 or visit

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