TORA Code of Recommended Business Practices

In its efforts to attain the highest level of excellence throughout the industry, and encourage service and business practices which benefit manufacturers, dealers and customers alike, the Truck & Off-Road Alliance (TORA), a council of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), has adopted the following voluntary Code of Professional Conduct:

  • The company strives to maintain a professional image and continually endeavors to improve the industry for the benefit of manufacturers, dealers and customers alike.
  • The company deals fairly with customers, employees, vendors, association members and all other persons with whom it has contact.
  • The company is committed to engaging in truthful advertising.
  • The company is committed to operating a secure and clean facility for employees and customers alike.
  • The company provides a written warranty policy and, where applicable, installs warranted products, which are installed per manufacturers’ instructions.
  • The company provides ongoing guidance, instruction and training with regard to the installation of the industry’s products.
  • Company employees strive at all times to obtain and expand product knowledge and to communicate the benefits, features and value of the industry’s products.
  • The company abides by all state, local and federal regulations.
  • The company strives to achieve customer satisfaction.


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