International Research

SEMA led a fact-finding and buying mission to the Middle East, where
Abu Dhabi was the venue for a one-on-one matchmaking event held April

Below is a roundup of proposed or recently enacted legislative and regulatory developments affecting the specialty-equipment industry in key overseas markets.

Chrysler’s Jeep brand has seen a resurgence in recent years, winning
awards that range from the Grand Cherokee’s 2011 Urban Truck of the Year
to the Wrangler’s 2012 Four Wheeler of the Year.

If your aftermarket business ranks among the growing list of SEMA-member
manufacturers considering overseas exportation, you’re likely weighing
shipping logistics as part of the equation. To be sure, the prospect can
seem daunting. After all, once you’ve attracted foreign buyers, you
have to deliver the goods in the face of numerous hurdles. With the
right assistance, however, you can successfully navigate those obstacles
and achieve a safe landing for your aftermarket parts.

This is the second in a two-part series on the Middle East
Market—specifically the market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the
five neighboring countries comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council
(GCC), which are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. A number
of factors make this market of 7.3 million vehicles particularly
attractive, including the high regard for U.S. products and considerable
discretionary income. SEMA members making products for light trucks and
American musclecars will find strong demand for those applications.

Nearly 25% of all buyers expected at the 2011 SEMA Show will come from
more than 100 nations outside the United States. Registration is strong
from buyers from countries and regions around the world, including
Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Scandinavia, the
United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. SEMA offers a
variety of programs and resources to link Show exhibitors with these
international distributors and retailers.

Distributors and retailers from throughout China gathered in Beijing to
meet with 21 SEMA-member companies that were participating in the first
SEMA China Business Development Conference.

The allure of China is undeniable. Its rising incomes, growing middle
class and fast-growing vehicle market all frequently make the news in
the United States. Not all the news out of China is positive, however.

Companies that wish to extend their reach beyond U.S. borders can
branch into emerging automotive markets that offer huge potential for
increased sales. The keys to successful international ventures are
careful research and reasonable expectations.

For the sixth year, a panel of top automotive journalists from 15
countries throughout Asia, Europe, South Africa and South America
served on the SEMA Global Media Awards (GMA) panel.

To highlight the customization possibilities of the just-released Chevy
Cruze in the United Arab Emirates, GM Middle East and SEMA partnered to
customize two of the all-new compact global cars.

Here is a roundup of proposed or recently enacted legislative and
regulatory developments affecting the specialty-equipment industry in
key overseas markets.

SEMA News is interviewing top distributor/retailers in China in a
series of monthly articles to introduce the larger players in the
evolving specialty-equipment market in China to the magazine’s readers.

Selling product to a half billion citizens in 27 countries may have
become a little easier as of May 2009 with the implementation by the
European Parliament...

The process of importing products into the U.S. has changed for good.

For the last eight years, the activity of accessorizing and improving
the performance of vehicles has transformed from a hobby to a fully
fledged culture of fierce competition,” said Jaisivir Sewpual of the
U.S. Embassy in Cape Town, South Africa.